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Febuary 8, 2017

911 Flood of Long Island is a professional and certified restoration company that specializes in the sewage cleanup process. While some valuables may not be salvageable, quick action may lessen the extent of the sewage damage, as well as the costs of repair and restoration of the home or business.

Water Damage Repair at its finest!

When we arrive at your property you can have confidence that the sewage cleanup project will be handled with care and managed by certified restoration professionals with decades of experience. Our track record shows that we have dedicated ourselves to excellent customer service and we treat our customers and their properties as if they are our own.

We can supply real customer recommendations upon request. We also know that there are other companies that advertise that they are real restoration companies but in fact they are not. We encourage you to ask them, what is your BBB Rating?, How long has your management team been certified?, How long have you been in business? We find that we go behind these companies and fix the problems that they cause property owners. We are a vendor for many major insurance companies because of our track record! We stand behind our work 100%.